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My name is Nichol Harvey and I am excited to share with you Ella Rose Boutique! I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and have owned my own Day Spa since I was 24 years old. I was intrigued when I was first introduced to world of boutique ownership. I became a Lularoe addict while on maternity leave but wasn't bold enough to wear a lot of their crazy patterns. When a former LLR rep introduced me to My Amelia James, I was instantly interested. To start with a company from the ground up is in my blood. (I'm was one of the first 300 reps in the country!) Being a woman owned business, geared toward woman, making woman feel empowered, comfortable and confident all at an affordable price (& not to mention in classy, stylish clothing), was what really resonated with me. I let fate take over and took the leap to start my boutique business. If you love buttery soft leggings, comfortably soft shirts, skirts and more, you will love the clothes at Ella Rose!

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